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Dear Editor,

Paul Alley's letter (SOAP OPERAS OFFER STRAIGHT WOMEN A BETTER SHOW THAN SHOWTIME'S 'QUEER AS FOLK' - Sunday, September 26, 2004) regarding female sexuality put me in a rather confused situation today. For a moment I thought I was the embarrassing cousin of the straight female population - one of the so-called minorities that found boy-on-boy action arousing. I had one of those moments where I sunk low into my computer chair, willed myself invisible to my work colleagues, and stared into the abyss of my black coffee. I had reverted back to a woman who had never read Nancy Friday's 'My Secret Garden' - a woman that believed her sexual desires were all wrong.

Happily, this was short-lived. Because Mr Alley is a man, and why on earth would a man know better than I the nature of my own sexuality? Or, indeed, the reality of many women's sexuality. Perhaps Paul Alley would like to speak to my friends and I about what really turns us on? Or perhaps he would like to read some of the millions of gay erotica stories (affectionately known as slash), written by women of all ages and nationalities, that depict explicit gay sex.

There was a time when women weren't supposed to have sexual fantasies and desires. I thank the gods every morning that it is no longer the case. But I still have to wake up to a world where men tell me my sexual fantasies are not 'normal', and a world in which men presume to know better than a woman her own sexual desires. We should have moved on from this by now, we really should.

This letter was written by one straight woman, but the sentiment holds true for many women around the globe that Paul Alley has successfully offended with his arrogance. I have asked them to sign this letter and show Mr Alley, and the many other men like him, that straight women like gay sex...they are aroused by it...and that they are not afraid to say it out loud.


Claire D

If you wish to sign this letter, please leave a comment stating your name (full name if possible please), where you are located, and any comments you have for the editor/Mr Paul Alley.

Edited to add: You may sign the letter without logging in if you wish, but you must comment with your name or your signature will be deleted.
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